Interior design is impressive, and BJ212 era of simple design different, Beijing (BJ) 20 interior seems to draw a lot of cousin with the Beijing-Benz design elements, barrel-style air-conditioning outlet and Mercedes-Benz A-class same. And mobile phones can be interconnected 10-inch large screen and suspended in the control design is in line with the aesthetic needs of young people. And the control of off-road instrumentation also seems to emphasize that he is also a practicing family background. It is worth mentioning that the seat ventilation heating and 360-degree image to join a number of configurations seem sincere. Dynamic side is revealed in Beijing (BJ) 20 city side, CVT with 1.5T engine fit Skoda 1.8 turbocharger to smooth fuel-efficient for the first, carrying body and independent suspension before and after the ride is to ensure the comfort. Although the design has a lot of urban driving comfort considerations, but 215mm ground clearance let you occasionally spread a wild nothing to worry about. The whole Department of ESP to join it in the security aspects of people can not pick the wrong. From 1966 to 2016, 50 years of sharpening, BJ series has experienced a glorious experience STI Coilovers has also gone through a change of the times, but the BJ series to establish the "men on the off-road vehicles," the perception has been deeply planted in peoples hearts. "Old Wang Xie Tang Qian Yan, flying into the homes of ordinary people," from the year "founding ceremony" in the head of the car, to "struggle" in Beijing youth standard, no car on the Chinese people more far-reaching impact. The domestic SUV market is also popular in the hearts of the people of the deep root of the "BJ feelings" dictates. Where the Chinese people care about what SUV, they just subconsciously, see the tall body of the year BJ212 shadow. There is a yearning for the elite car, there is the trust of the quality of durable, more of their parents and even their youth memories. SUV models selling is in fact people in the bottom of my heart on BJ feelings dream. BJ in the name of the Beijing Automobile, has finally launched the feelings of Beijing (BJ) 20. Inherited the hardcore temperament of off-road family, the root is still aimed at the urban youth car needs, not only meet the requirements of the new era, but also retained a classic tribute fit seat leon turbocharger to the attitude. Today, the classic re-start, excellent interior water products and rich configuration is an excellent standard of independent vehicles, 96,800 to 13.98 million of the price at the same level of autonomy SUV is also quite cost-effective.