Brick Features Caizhuan brick as a manufacturing, cement brick brick machinery and equipment and other products collectively building materials industry. 1, block machine using the German advanced technology, heavy calm, y2 series three phase concrete vibrating motor weight exceeding 30% by weight of domestic production models, shock-absorbing effect is remarkable. 2, the use of computer-controlled systems, LCD touch screen adjustment parameters, with data input and output devices, to achieve human-computer dialogue. 3, the computer control system with self-locking function on an action is not in place, the next action can not be performed, avoiding the malfunction in order to avoid damage to the machine. Can realize remote fault diagnosis over the phone line. 4, the body thick-walled square tube, long guide sleeve to ensure a solid body shock, indenter movement accurate. 5, low center of gravity, vibration table from the ground 486MM, ensure aftershock 90% import ground, extend equipment life. 6, good synchronization. Indenter and the release of all the installation frame synchronization adjustable arm to ensure that the indenter and the release of error within + 1MM. 7, wide product range. The installation of the second fabric device, which can produce hollow blocks, multi-hole turn, hollow bricks, curbs, split blocks, colored pavement brick, grass brick, brick, and other products washed. 8, vibration pressure separation technology. Installation of the steel bar cutting machine supplier support plate vibration, while adding deputy head, with shock-absorbing rubber pad, complete deadening vibration pressure interference. 9, Taiwan hydraulic valve and the cooler, ensure reliable operation of the hydraulic system, low failure rate. 10, using finger forced feeding device, completely solve the thin-walled products (wall thickness less than 20MM) cutting difficult problem. 11, the vibration spindle shafts transmission mode, to ensure accurate transmission speed. Long service life, avoid frequent replacement of the belt drive belt trouble. 12, all models all use the drive, the full realization of the spindle motor rotation non-stop to solve the spindle motor warming problem fundamentally. 13, the same industry in a unique vibratory force adjustment system manufacturers, each block host by a variety of adjustable vibration force, vibration and thus to shorten time, improve product compactness and saving of cement. 14, using the overall frame casing adjustment mode, simply rotate the two screw machine and adjust proximity switch distance, you can adjust all parameters. 15, strong exciting force, the amplitude of 2Mm, excitation acceleration up to 15g, making the material rapid prototyping in about two seconds, the cement fully liquefied, under ordinary conditions of weight ratio, loading strength can be increased by one grade. classification "Brick" brick production equipment collectively, according to different classification criteria, many types, Can be divided according to whether or not sintering: sintering brick and brick machine; In accordance with the forming principle it can be divided into: pneumatic brick, brick shock, liquid PRESS; In accordance with the level of automation can be divided into: automatic, semi-automatic, manual brick; There can be divided according to production size: large, medium and small brick. Brick (brick phone, not on top of said its production line) brick is jkv-cjapanese concrete vibrator shaf meant host firmware is destroyed, a state and therefore can not start properly, and that computers, like a brick in a certain computer viruses, or more powerful logical lock, so that the computer does not smoothly into the operating system. For the host computer, it can re-install later "brick" of the operating system, once again glow hosts youth.